Cosmic Culture: Movies to Zone Out With

Cosmic Culture: Movies to Zone Out With
Cosmic Culture: Movies to Zone Out In

Tripping out to your favorite movie is something every Space Cadet needs to give a whirl. Movies are a cerebral experience in their own right, and adding that extra level of sensory activity is huge. 

You feel the score of the film in your bones, the dialogue speaks to you like an old friend, and the colors leap off the screen into your celestial pupils. Additionally, your brief development of the lead character’s personality turns into a week of your life instead of a few hours.

Now, while your favorite movies are a great place to start, there are a ton of movies out there you’ve never seen. We could throw Dazed and Confused, Harold and Kumar, or Jay and Silent Bob on here and call it a day. Instead, we’re here to expand your horizons and drop the knowledge as your commanding officers at Space Gods.

Here are some of our picks for your next trippy weekend that will either leave you laughing in bliss or sitting on the floor and reconsidering your entire existence on this planet.

Our Top Picks For Your Zoned-Out Weekend

  • 1. The Wall – This film opts for the sitting on the floor in contemplation option. David Gilmour and co. give your eyes, your ears, and your mind brain-clattering truths you can’t find with any other psychedelic rock band in the world. You cannot watch The Wall without singing along, thinking about your life up to this point, and what makes your existence meaningful.

  • 2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – It’s a myth that Sean Penn may show up at your house with pizza after you tune into this trend-setting, groundbreaking film about highschools highs and lows

  • 3. The Big Lebowski – More likely to get a laugh out of you than anything else you’ll watch this year. The Dude and his cronies do whatever they can to get his rug back while also weeding out some other comic mischief.

  • 4. Friday – Perfect way to mellow out and have a great start to the weekend. Friday works in a ton of ways, but Smokey is our favorite.

  • 5. Ted – What’s better than a living, breathing, alcoholic teddy bear? You’ll never look at your childhood toys (or thunderstorms) the same way again.

  • 6. Donnie Darko – Inexplicable even by the mad scientists at Space Gods. We’ve got no answer for this masterpiece of surrealist filmmaking. Take your time with Donnie Darko, and take advantage of your next 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds.

  • 7. Super Troopers – Never boring, never stagnant. Super Troopers is a fan favorite for a silly weekend away from responsibility. And traffic tickets.

  • 8. Sorry to Bother You – Boots Riley crushed the production of this film. Filled to the brim with meta-commentary and existentialism, you’re in for a wild ride as a new viewer. Now, tack on a gummy or a couple of dabs? Watching Sorry to Bother You on any strain will surely blast your brain into another dimension.

  • 9. Yellow Submarine – A timeless classic. Those bowl-cut brits up in Liverpool were onto something. Silly, light-hearted, fun, and surreal. This animated film will put your high over the top, taking you somewhere far away with Lucy and… rubies? Emeralds?

  • 10. Shutter Island – Now, this isn’t for the faint of heart. An absolute mind-melter, Shutter Island is a nightmarish tale with a compelling score and beautiful imagery. A gorgeous film on its own, this may be one you want to watch first on your own to see if it’s the right vibe for your evening. If that’s the case, there’s no ride like that ship out to Shutter.

So pop a gummy, have some friends over, and tune into your next mental space adventure with our curated Zone-Out Films list!