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The gummies are tasty, they have helped me sleep better and have helped with my mood swings and help me feel calm and relaxed
- Brandi Hibbard
Citrus Punch – Regular Dose
Great anxiety relief and sleep aid
- Mitch Mcfarland
Sour Apple – Regular Dose
I love sour candy, so the sour apple gummy is perfect for me. It works so well and taste amazing. 10/10 will always recommend.
- Morgan Beavers
Wild Berry – Regular Dose
The Wild Berry is the best for me. It has a nice sweet taste and best for nausea. Will continue to order it regularly. Thanks so much! Great product
- Stephanie Anderson
Taste very good and works fast
- Dan Norton
Sour Apple – Regular Dose
This one is good and in our regular rotation. They are very helful and I love ordering online from the company. Ships fast and great customer service!
- Stephanie Anderson
Wild Berry – Regular Dose
Completely worth it you will not regret it !
- Leah Miller
Amazing taste. Definitely will buy again
- Jason Kilts
Watermelon – Regular Dose
Doesn't taste bad, and with an hour you start feeling it.
- Caitlynn Hernandez
Watermelon – Regular Dose
I have physical issues that have kept me from getting a good night's sleep. Mostly I have spasmodic pain, and wake up often to turn over. These little jewels have...
- John Munson
These truly exceeded my expectations. literally almost exactly like cheetos, SOOOOO good 12/10 will be buying again.
- Lilly
Blue Raz Lemon
I bought these because I looove gushers and i love spacegods gummies so of course I had to cop their version of a gusher type gummy. I looove them. This...
- Lilly
Strawberry Mango – Regular Dose
Gets the job done doesnt taste awful but your also not going to confuse it for candy
- bri scott
Definitely my favorite I’ve been eating them for over a year now
- Kourtni Wilson
Sour Apple – Regular Dose
These where great, definitely suffered a bit of heat damage in shipping (it summer so expected) So they where considerably darker than the picture and wider and thinner. Overall they...
- Daniel LeBlanc
Watermelon – Mega Dose
Another great flavor from space gods!
- Gregory Hubert