Cosmic Culture: Madness of the Munchies!

Cosmic Culture: Madness of the Munchies!
Cosmic Culture: Madness of the Munchies!

You just finished off your pack of new CBD gummies, and are relaxing on the couch when an oh-so-familiar rumble starts hitting your stomach. Now, nothing sounds better than your go-to snack for the munchies.

But wait… is that your third bag of Lays?

Hey, we don’t judge, we just know it’s our role as your commanding officers to provide you with some delicious new snacking options. Today, we’ve got a combination of fan favorites and snacks straight from our staff in a list of Space Gods-approved snacktacular additions to your cosmic cupboard.

Our Madness of the Munchies List of Snacks

Instead of putting them in order, we’ll split them into categories so even our rookie cadets can follow along. The primary sections of our munchie madness go into savory, sweet, frozen, and toppings.

Savory Snacks

Pizza Rolls

Cheesy bread with a side of pizza sauce is an absolute game changer. Pizza rolls can be mouthwatering snacks when they aren’t scorching hot, and the flavor variety they are available in is just a bonus. Whether you’re a meat lover or want five different cheeses packed into your Munchy Madness, chances are pizza rolls will become one of your new favorites.


Who ever thought a whole wheel of cheese could taste so good? If you’ve ever had Cheez-It snacks before, you know that it’s not that first bite you’re looking for, it’s the aftertaste that gets you to put a whole box down within the hour. While these provide a fair few flavors to choose from, you’ll probably never get bored of the originals anyway.


Underrated flavor and far less popular than they should be. These savory snacks are perfectly paired with a side of hot sauce or wasabi if you’re looking for a spicier munch. 


A reliable classic, Doritos packs a punch in a variety of flavors. Cool Ranch is our personal favorite, which doubles up as an amazing palette cleanser with a Slurpee.

Sweet Snacks

Fresh Cookie Dough

In-laws in town for the holiday season? We know, it’s a drag. But there is one saving grace. Fresh baked cookies are plentiful, and you should be able to get your hands on some of the dough before it ends up in the oven. Get baked while your cookies don’t. Enjoy the crown jewel of munchie madness (responsibly! Don’t want to get salmonella now do you, Cadet?).

Pop Tarts

These can be a mixed bag, so tread lightly. Pop Tarts offer a variety of different flavors that range from the most subpar flavors to boxes that you’ll end up finishing on the spot. Find your favorites, and don’t be afraid to try them with a bowl of ice cream.

Frozen Snacks


Sugar, ice, and everything nice. Slurpees are our road trip goddesses that are perfect for munchie madness any day (or night) of the week. At an affordable price, be careful not to put too many of these down or you’ll freeze your brain while it’s still in the oven. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are good on their own, but can be made great with a few adjustments. Two words: Eggo Waffles. In case you haven’t seen it before, there are round ice cream sandwiches and rectangular sandwiches. While it isn’t proven that different shapes of foods taste different (see triangular PB&J sandwiches to change your mind), grab a box of the round ones anyway, and throw them in between a pair of freshly-toasted Eggo waffles (flavor of your choice). Even without any whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or any other sweets, these can knock you out with their delicious combination of breakfast-dessert fun.

Toppings/Snack Accessories

Melted Cheese

Melted cheese ends up on everything when you’re in the right state of mind. Enjoy responsibly.

7 Layer Dip

These dips are never given enough credit. They aren’t just for Super Bowl Sundays, they can make your bowl super too.

Hot Sauce

Can’t go wrong here. Unless spice isn’t your thing, a couple of dabs of hot sauce on your chips, tacos, or even your sweeter snacks will take you south of the border in a flash.  

Recap of Madness of the Munchies

Overall, munchies hit everyone differently. So give a few of these a try, and while you’re at it, get adventurous with some new CBD gummies. Take a look at our shop today and find your next perfect weekend munchies craving in Space rock, gummy, and gusher varieties. Enjoy your Munchy Madness!