Great Holiday Weed Gift Ideas for Your Stoner Friends 

Great Holiday Weed Gift Ideas for Your Stoner Friends 

It’s that time of year again…time for holiday parties and gift exchanges. 

And this year you have been tasked with finding a great gift. Now time is ticking and you don’t know what to get. 

Don’t worry. The Space Gods have you covered! 

We fully support giving the gift of weed this year (and every year after). And to show our support, we thought it would help to give you some suggestions to help you complete your mission. 

After reading this article, you’ll have a galaxy full of great holiday weed gift ideas and you’ll head to your secret Santa and/or white elephant gift exchanges with the confidence of a Space God. 

Artsy Stash Jar

weed gift ideas

Give your leaf-advocate friend a place to stash the goods, if you know what we mean. A decorative stash jar that matches their vibe would be a great addition. A stash jar is perfect for storing your weed, pipes, or rolling papers after using them. And, they can contain the powerful smell of marijuana. 

Handy Joint Case

Have a friend that loves to roll up? A classy joint case would be a home run of a gift. Not only do these cases protect your perfectly rolled joints, but they also save time by making smoking on the go as easy as grabbing a joint and lighting it up. Joint cases even mask the marijuana smell, letting you go about your day without smelling like Cheech and Chong. 

Multiuse Rolling Tray

weed gift idea- rolling tray

Another fantastic idea for a friend who smokes joints is a multi-use rolling tray. Good multi-use rolling trays have a place for you to roll the weed, a place for your rolling papers, and some even have spaces to store a lighter or papers. This swiss army knife of weed accessories will fit perfectly in any marijuana enthusiast’s repertoire. 

Bong or Pipe

weed gift idea- bong

There are thousands of ways to consume weed these days, but there is nothing quite like taking a nice rip from a bong or a pipe. It is a tried and true method that accomplishes the goal of getting you instantly high. This holiday season, be the bearer of some fancy glassware. Get your friend a dragon bong or a goldfish pipe. The crazier the better!


weed gift idea- grinder

Every stoner needs a grinder because we all know how slow the process of breaking it down by hand can be. A good grinder can transform your smoking experience. It saves time, improves the quality of the joint, and it catches all the leftover weed – a.k.a. kief. Don’t overlook a grinder as a holiday gift idea this year. 

Last but not least…

Space Gods Legal Cannabis Edibles

weed gift ideas

At Space Gods, we are a leader in the cannabis industry. Our team of flavor scientists keeps pushing the bar when it comes to THC edibles. Our large selection of cannabis creations includes gummies, chocolate, and CEREAL BARS! 

This holiday season, surprise your friends with a gift from the Space Gods Shop

Our Space Gods will deliver it right to their front door – kind of like old Saint Nick, just skinnier and without a beard. 

Tis’ the season…to be jolly and high!