Debunking the Top Marijuana Myths

Debunking the Top Marijuana Myths

Marijuana remains one of the most popular recreational drugs. As states relax their marijuana regulations, cannabis use is rising. In 2018, the use of the drug by college students reached its highest rate in 35 years. 

The debate around marijuana use continues to be politicized, with people on both sides of the discussion. 

Marijuana use does have its benefits and downsides. Today, we take a look at five common marijuana myths.

Myth 1: Marijuana is a dangerous drug 

False. Study after study shows that marijuana is less harmful to users than alcohol and tobacco. It also is not known to cause aggression and violence in users like alcohol. 

Marijuana use will more likely lead to more takeout orders and streaming. 

Myth 2: Marijuana Doesn’t Make You More Creative

A 2017 study found that sober cannabis users showed enhanced self-reported creativity to non-users, demonstrated superior convergent thinking ability to non-users, and cannabis users were more extroverted and open to new experiences. The openness to explore new ideas naturally makes a cannabis user more creative. 

Myth 3: Marijuana Makes You Laugh More

This one is actually true. Scientists have found that consuming cannabis increases blood flow to key parts of your brain, some of which just so happen to be the ones associated with laughter.

Myth 4: 420 is a Police Dispatch Code for Marijuana Use

This is also false. There is no police dispatch code 420. 

This is one of many myths about the origin of the term 420 – the universal time to light up. 

Others include, 420 having to do with the amount of chemical compounds in weed. Or Bob Dylan’s song “Everybody must get stoned.” 

In fact, according to the History Channel, the term 420 originated in the 1970s from a group of high school students in California. The kids would meet up to smoke after school and use the term as code so their parents or teachers wouldn’t find out.

Whether any of these theories are true, we can all agree that 420 is a sacred time of day and year for weed enthusiasts.

Myth 5: Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

A report by the Institute of Medicine found “no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to the subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs.”

Finally, don’t believe everything you hear about THC and cannabis. Do your research before making a decision if THC is right for you.