Cosmic Culture: The Best Music To Space Out To

Cosmic Culture: The Best Music To Space Out To
Cannabis Culture: The Best Music To Space Out To

Unless you live under a rock à la Patrick Stars, it’s common knowledge that getting high and listening to music is more than just “something to do” on a quiet Monday night. It’s an entire experience. 

It’s the next best thing to watching your favorite musician in concert. It might even be better than that— especially if you and your friends got screwed with some nosebleed seats. 

You hear every note and beat, you feel the emotion of the melody, and some would argue they even see the colors that the music paints with.

With that being said, it’s kinda important to note that not all music is going to translate well into this type of experience. Whether you’re tired of your own music or are looking to add to your existing repertoire of feel-good music, we’re here to help.

Here are 20 of our picks for the best songs/albums to listen to when you’re high.

  1. A Gentle Dissolve – Thievery Corporation – Genre: Electronic
  2. About You – Xxyxx – Genre: Electronic
  3. Breath (In the Air) – Pink Floyd – Genre: Classic Rock
  4. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd – Genre: Classic Rock
  5. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz – Genre: Alternative
  6. Gooey – Glass Animals – Genre: Indie
  7. Hash Pipe – Weezer – Genre: Alternative Rock
  8. Hits From The Bong – Cypress Hill – Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
  9. Innerbloom – Rufus Del Sol – Genre: Electronic
  10. Legal Dub – Sublime – Genre: Alternative Rock
  11. Let’s Go Get Stoned – Sublime – Genre: Alternative Rock
  12. Mary Jane – Rick James – Genre: Funk/Soul
  13. No Quarter – Led Zeppelin – Genre: Classic Rock
  14. One Love – Bob Marley – Genre: Reggae
  15. Riders on the Storm – The Doors – Genre: Classic Rock
  16. Seasons Of Wither – Aerosmith – Genre: Classic Rock
  17. Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath – Genre: Classic Rock
  18. Take You There – Merge of Equals – Genre: Electronic
  19. The Finishing – Stavroz – Genre: Downtempo
  20. So High – Inna Vision – Genre: Reggae

Take a moment to pop a gummy, tune in and space out to our specially curated Spotify playlist!