CBD+THC Edibles: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

CBD+THC Edibles: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions
myths about cbd and thxc products

CBD and THC edibles have been swiftly taking over the edibles industry as users are extensively switching to these edibles from other administration methods. The reason for this popularity mainly stems from the convenience these edibles offer. 

However, many users still hang back from using these edibles as they fall into baseless myths that discourage them from investing in CBD+THC edibles. Here we debunk some of the most commonly heard edibles myths and reveal the facts that will blow your mind.

5 Most Common CBD+THC Edible Myths

Here’s a list of the myths you might have heard before and probably believe in. Stick around to learn the facts backed by expert knowledge.

Myth #1: CBD Only Edibles Can Make You High

Many people hang back from using CBD edibles, wondering if they can make them high. Even a Google search can tell you that CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, which means that it’s not capable of making you high.

People reporting experiences of getting high after using CBD edibles might have used Marijuana-derived CBD edibles that contain high THC content. THC is the psychoactive part that might make the product psychoactive if it’s present in an abundant amount.

Myth #2: All the CBD+THC Edibles Are the Same

Newbies often believe that all CBD and THC edibles are the same. That’s not the case when you start digging into the ins and out of how the industry operates. There are no formal regulatory bodies to ensure quality standards. Finding a reputable supplier is crucial to enjoying a safe and effective edible experience.

You need to critically analyze the product quality by going through its Certificate Of Analysis, which tells you everything about the quality of the product.

Also, before buying CBD+THC edibles, learn about the three distinct types of CBD products, i.e., full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD.

Myth #3: CBD+THC Edibles Have a Strong Earthy Taste

Many people will tell you that edibles taste like the earthy flavors of cannabis extracts. That’s only the case if CBD+THC isn’t correctly infused into the edibles. Generally, CBD+THC1 edibles taste just like their counterparts, and you cannot even tell the difference.

Myth #4: CBD Edibles Make You Fail a Drug Test

CBD edibles do not make you fail a drug test unless it contains more than 0.3% THC because it’s derived from the Marijuana plant. Some brands use CBD sourced from the hemp plant to manufacture CBD edibles to ensure you’re never in a gray area.

Myth #5. CBD+THC Doses Work the Same Way for Everyone

CBD and THC work differently for everybody depending upon several factors, including age, mass, and metabolic rate. You need to figure out your doses by beginning with a minimal dose and gradually increasing. If a product doesn’t work for you, it may be because you’re not taking the right dosage.

Final Thoughts

Refrain from believing in everything you hear about CBD+THC edibles and spend some time investigating the facts from experts. Keep learning to make sure that you never miss out on the widest collection of delicious yet effective CBD+THC edibles at Shop Space Gods.