Best Practices for Safely Storing Edibles

Best Practices for Safely Storing Edibles
Storing Edibles

Storing edibles can be different as compared to other products. Therefore, invest some time understanding more about your product by reading the instructions on the product packaging. These product labels generally provide you with a complete guide to product storage.

Some edibles need not be frozen to ensure safe storage for long periods. For instance, a pack of gummies can survive without freezing unless it reaches its expiry date. However, cookies and brownies may require to be frozen if you’re planning to store them for months, otherwise, they might go bad.

Safely Storing Edibles 101

Storing edible gummies requires following the same measures as other edibles. You should have a dark space with controlled temperature conditions. Also, remember that the containers you pick make a substantial difference, so choose them wisely. Airtight jars make an ideal fit for this purpose. Perfectly maintaining the potency and flavors, these airtight cannabis jars can best store your gummies for long periods.

Keep In A Dark Place

Although sunlight is a critical ingredient to the proper growth of the cannabis plant, it can be harmful while storing cannabis products. Considering the presence of ultraviolet radiations from the sun, it can be inferred that these sun rays can negatively impact cannabis edibles by degrading the Cannabinoid profiles. A dark and dry cabinet or refrigerator can be ideal for keeping the products away from sunlight.

Minimize The Exposure To Oxygen

Excessive exposure to oxygen can not only promote the development of mold in the products but also accelerate the deterioration of cannabinoids in the edibles. This underscores the significance of minimizing the exposure of cannabis edibles to air for safely storing them.

Optimize The Temperature And Humidity Levels

Storing cannabis edibles requires proper temperature maintenance. Remember that it is critical to ensure that your edibles are always stored at optimal temperature because cannabinoids and terpenes are extremely sensitive to the temperature, which makes them vulnerable. Certain edibles can be frozen for long-term storage.

At higher temperatures, the cannabinoids are likely to deteriorate. Look for the package guidelines for the right temperature range.

The humidity level is another important aspect, as it can promote the development of mold and mildew, which means that your edibles will “go bad.” The humidity  level should ideally lie between 54 to 64%

Pick The Right Material For Storage

Choosing the right storage materials plays a crucial role when it comes to safely storing edibles. Choosing glass over plastic is a wise choice. Also, pick airtight containers for cannabis edibles that are not sealed in the original packaging.

Final Thoughts

Using cannabis edibles is exciting, especially if you know how to store them, and thus, you can now stock your favorite ones. As soon as you’ve learned all the rules to safely storing edibles, it’s time to get your hands on the finest products on the market. Packaged in premium quality materials only, the cannabis edibles at Shop Space Gods are long-lasting, impressively delicious, and effective.