Blue Raspberry Rockets | D8 + D9 THC Live Rosin – 1pk

Blue Raspberry Rockets | D8 + D9 THC Live Rosin – 1pk

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Our good buds over at Treetop Hemp Co are doing us a solid by allowing our Space Pods to take off from their mothership, so don’t freak out when we redirect you to their site. It’s all part of the cosmic plan, man.

What does space taste like? Our sources say it’s the perfect mellow combination of sweet and sour. One puff of our Blue Raspberry Rockets Space Pod will deliver you into that tasty void. Each disposable is fueled with 3000mg of Delta-8 and Delta-9 liquid diamonds, guaranteed to blast you into to other-worldly pleasure.

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3000MG per pod

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Contains cannabinoids and is flavored using terpenes.

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