Affiliate Registration

Affiliate Registration

How it works

1. Register

Become a Space Gods Captain by signing up with the form to the right.

2. Promote

You will have access to an Affiliate Dashboard which you can get your referral link from to share to your audience. We will also send you a coupon code which will give your friends & family for a one time use discount.

3. Get Paid!

Begin promoting Space Gods products and you will get a commission on every Space Gods purchase made through your referral link.


1. You get 30% off all your Space Gods purchases

2. Your referrals get 20% off their first purchase

3. You make 20% in sales for every referral purchase

* After your first purchase using your coupon code for your own Space Gods products, we will send you a care package of latest products and swag!

** Upon acceptance, each affiliate is under a one month trial period meaning we encourage you to use your affiliate status!

Be sure to check out the Terms & Conditions page for further details.